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First Care Bossier
Urgent Care Center

While First Care welcomes the opportunity to treat patients in the traditional urgent care model, we recognize that urgent care should be more than just a singular episode of care.

For patients that have a relationship with a primary care physician, we help bridge the gap between urgent care and the patient's personal physician. If a patient needs additional testing or a specialist referral, our care coordination department works with their primary care doctor to see that the follow up testing and treatment is provided. 

First Care Bossier is an extension of Bossier Family Medicine that allows us to expand upon the services provided to Bossier City and the surrounding area.

First Care and Bossier Family Medicine have a full service lab and x ray department. In addition, we have integrated electronic health records system that is industry leading.  Patients are afforded online portal access where they can make appointments, receive results, message the clinic, and track their healthcare.   

First Care continues to be an integral part of our beliefs that quality primary care is achieved through:

  • Exemplary Physicians and Providers
  • Respect and Professionalism
  • Access to Care
  • Technology
  • Advancement of Services and Offerings

About First Care Bossier

First Care Bossier has been providing urgent care services to the Bossier City and surrounding area since 1997. Beginning in 2000, Bossier Family Medicine partnered with First Care to provide comprehensive primary care services in Bossier City. The goal of this partnership was to provide convenient same day and urgent care while offering an outlet for continued patient follow up and disease management.

When opened, First Care, as most urgent cares, intended to operate as a facility that simply cared for patients by episode for conditions that did not warrant a trip to the emergency room, but could not be cared for by a patient's family doctor. This care would only be provided on a limited, often single day basis.  

Patients who needed test scheduling, specialist care, or additional treatment were not well supported. We also recognized that many patients who sought treatment at urgent care facilities did have a relationship with a family doctor. In addition to seeking treatment for urgent conditions, patients would often substitute comprehensive primary care with urgent care. Chronic disease management and wellness cannot be provided in a traditional urgent care setting. 

In the partnership with Bossier Family Medicine, patients were given the opportunity to establish with a primary care physician.  Patients who had a relationship with a physician in the area, were able to access the additional resources provided by Bossier Family Medicine for any test scheduling and specialist referrals.  First Care began to bridge the gap between primary care and urgent care.

In 2011, First Care was transitioned to the ownership of Bossier Family Medicine. Today, the physicians and providers of Bossier Family Medicine continue to expand the care offerings to the Bossier City area and offer a unique care model for primary care that includes urgent access and extended hours. In conjunction, patients of First Care receive many of the services of Bossier Family Medicine for care coordination and expanded capabilities that are not often found in urgent care facilities.